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Before you tear your dictionary apart, trying to figure what this exotic sounding word ‘Mizzigo really means, let me assure you that we haven’t made it up. Mizzigo in Swahili ("African Language") means ‘Travel With Ease.’ We kick-started "Mizzigo Eaze Solution PVT. LTD." in 2014, to provide a one-of-a-kind service for students travelling overseas to study to give them a hassle-free transition. We pack all the student essentials in a kit, things that we know they need to settle in,. These include an array of really cool, premium products such as bedding, stationery, kitchenware, and a bath set and a lot more.”. We call this kit the Mizzigo Wonder Box, because, well, it’s nothing less than that! Mizzigo’s USP is, we deliver the Wonder Box to the students’ accommodation ( including on-campus/off-campus/university halls) before their arrival. We ease their move-in days (and their mothers’ minds) and help them furnish their accommodation.

The Team

Jinay Savla
Chief Wonder Doer

Jainil Mehta
Lord of the Ledgers

Aayushi Savla
Brand Warrior

Riken Gala
Product Innovator

Ashish Goyal
Purchase Baniya

Dhruv Panchal
Customer Service

Take a step forward. Help raise a child’s education.

We pledge our support towards ‘Education first’- an initiative by Shree Raj Education Centre, a unit of ShrimadRajchandraAatmaTatva Research Centre. They support education, moral and personality development of under-privileged children in and around Parli (90km from Mumbai | Near AdlabsImagica).
If you want more details of the same and wish to be the change in the lives of the less privileged.

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